MANSORY Aston Martin Vantage V8


’Small but nice’ to say would be more than understatement. The new series of the Aston Martin Vantage V8 for sure is a favorable bargain to own an Aston Martin, but latest with MANSORY customization there is born a one more superlative purebred sports car. 

Like all customization ranges the front spoiler comes with an adaptive 4-line grille element, similar to the new 6-line lightweight main radiator grille, afford by the way a better air supply and will give an elegant also a new snappy optical characteristic. 

Yet another typical detail are the integrated carbon flanks with air intakes behind of them, identical to all the modified range. The rear design shows the apron with an integrated carbon diffuser, carbon tail lamp covers and again a step more sportier the rear trunk lid spoiler which supporting the dynamic contact pressure, a total effect comes up to the backside look. 

The chromed details are the integrated rounded double exhaust tips over and under. Totally new the anodized aluminum air outtakes on engine bonnet, together they are toping the exterior off, but don’t forget the racy carbon fibre wing mirrors. Also new the suspension lowering with sports performance springs, the complete vehicle comes down 20 mm ( approx.: 0,8 inch).




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