MANSORY Maserati Ghibli


MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH, the worldwide recognized specialists in the refinement of luxury limousines and super-sports cars, presents their brand new individualization programme for the Maserati Ghibli. Ultralight, carbon fibre bodywork, striking 22-inch sports wheels, powerful performance enhancements and a practically endless variety of interior modifications refine the elegant appearance of the four-door sports limousine.


Fully in keeping with their own tradition, MANSORY makes the Maserati bodywork components exclusively from the ultralight material carbon fibre. Thanks to years of experience, the MANSORY specialists manage to preserve the symmetry of the carbon fibre structure when setting up the machine tools. This allows them to use the fine impression of the fibre as a design element, and present all bodywork elements in visible carbon fibre. Whether it’s the two-part front lip with optional additional air ducts around the air intake, rear lip or rear diffuser, all add-on components integrate seamlessly and harmoniously into the Italian standard design, thanks to precise MANSORY craftsmanship.

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