MANSORY Mercedes G Wagon


When Kourosh Mansory and his team undertake to refine a premium car, then you can expect spectacular results. This is also the case with the new wide-body chassis program for the current Mercedes-Benz G-class, with versions for the model series G63, G65, G350 and G500. Striking extensions and noble carbon-fibre components now complement the proven MANSORY product range, consisting of elegant alloy wheels, powerful performance enhancements and superb interior finishing.

As soon as the Mercedes-Benz G-class leaves the factory, it is already an impressive eye-catcher. However, MANSORY manages to confer a masculine, as well as elegant, carbon dress to the edgy off-roader´s serial chassis. Under the collective term, G wide body kit, MANSORY offers an extensive set, consisting of fender flares, door skins, as well as a front and rear bumper. This set, entirely produced from carbon, as well as partially consisting of carbon fibre, extends the serial chassis by 40 millimetres. The price starts at 18.900,- euros, plus value added tax. As if that were not enough, the enthusiastic G customer can complete his carbon-fibre upgrade with a lightweight hood, a roof panel and a roof spoiler, with either two - or four position lights. Door handles, rear-view mirror housing, headlight covers and panelling of the A-pillar, complement the carbon splendor.


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