WEKFEST - San Jose, CA 2017

WekFest San Jose was a trip to remember. From the adventures driving up and the memories made during and after the show, this will go down in the books! Kei Miura and Nori of Pandem (Rocket Bunny) along with Super Street made the trek in our caravan to San Jose. With about 15 cars enroute to San Jose our travels had a few hiccups but non-the-less we conquered the 350 mile drive.

After arriving the crew was pumped to finally make our destination. After setting up and witnessing so many epic builds under one roof, it was plain to see why WekFest is considered one of the Best Automotive Events in California. From old school to new, JDM, ODM, V.I.P. and WBS (Wide Body Stance) there was a collective of all of these ready to compete for the Top Honors that would bring home the trophies. 

With over 11,000 attendees 462 registered cars and 57 vendors filled the 3 halls to capacity.  The lines expanded up and down the halls  and then downstairs to the Hilton as if they were all waiting 2 1/2 hours for a Disney ride. Cars registered from as far as Vancouver, Seattle, San Diego, Texas, Nevada and Arizona.

LTMW was honored to receive these awards:

ART IN MOTION - Overall Best of Show - LTMW

VW / AUDI of the Festival - Audi R8 - LTMW

BEST CRAFTSMANSHIP - Rocket Bunny Porsche Cayman - LTMW

SKYLINE/GTR of the Festival - Pandem Skyline - LTMW

1st Place Exotic of the Festival - Ferrari F430 - LTMW

2nd Place  Exotic of the Festival - Ferrari 458 - LTMW

1st Place Euro of the Festival  - BMW E36 - LTMW

2nd Place Euro of the Festival - Pandem E36 - LTMW

2nd Place Scion of the Festival - Green Pandem FRS/BRZ - LTMW

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