MANSORY Porsche Cayenne Turbo


Even the standard version of this automobile is one of the most exclusives cars money can buy, but refined MANSORY manufacturing takes this even further and brings the highest possible level of individualisation to the luxury SUV from Zuffenhausen. A range of exclusive bodywork, performance and interior enhancements have been developed, giving the Porsche an even sportier presence.

As with all their cars, MANSORY pay great attention to precisely fitting components in the Cayenne, and at the same time, sporty individual design. The precisely aligned details represent the ideal implementation of the high standards which MANSORY set themselves, making this Sports Utility Vehicle a real head-turner. Even in your rear view mirror, the MANSORY Cayenne looks considerably beefier, with a new front apron, new LED daytime running lights and an extra light bonnet made completely from carbon fibre, which optimises air supply to the engine via air channels. This impression is strengthened even further by the side skirts which smooth the flow of air between the axles.


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